Blackboard Kitchen space Cylinder

Glass containers are useful, economical and readily offered, however can be a bit dull. Blackboard paint and an easy-to-apply stenciled detail will change them into a distinct device for any kitchen.
Materials Needed:
glass canister( s).
flexible determining tape.
painters' tape.
glass-etching cream.
1 ″ paint brush.

chalkboard spray paint.
square or rectangular stencil that fits container.
2 ″ foam brush.
latex or acrylic craft paint.
Clean Canister.
Clean each glass cylinder with soap and water then thoroughly dry with a tidy cloth or towel.
check this Procedure and Tape.
Utilizing painters' tape, make a square on the exterior of the canister to the dimensions of the stencil. Make sure the taped-off area is level and fixated the canister. Tip: A flexible measuring tape used for sewing will be much easier to use on the curved surface area of the canister than a metal measuring tape.
Apply Etching Cream.
Brush on a thick coat of etching cream inside the taped area utilizing a one-inch large paint brush. Eliminate painters' tape after washing the engraving cream. Completely dry cylinder with a tidy towel.

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